Sharing files is tough and getting tougher. Sending via mail limits the size and type of files since all sorts of malware can be distributed this way. Using file-transfer-protocol (FTP) is fine for the geeks, but mere mortals can find it challenging to use. New approaches like public cloud services have appeared, but do you really want to trust your important files on a “public” cloud?

That’s where we come in. We’ve created a file sharing service that integrates into your desktop (PC, Mac, or Linux) can be used with mobile devices like phones or tablets (Android & iPhone) and has a simple web interface to let you set the rules about your private cloud instance of file sharing.

Have a project that you want to share with your client? Great, create a folder and invite only the client and it’s private to the participants. Want to have a folder shared only with staff members? It’s as simple as creating that new folder and inviting the people you want to see the information.

Our service exceeds the privacy and security standards necessary for compliance with HIPAA and PCI. We have professionals like architects, lawyers, and doctors using our private cloud services every day. You can too, sign-up, it’s simple to use and incredibly cost effective starting at just $50/month for a private server instance.