How It Works

The major difference between and other file sharing services is that each account has its own private server that manages the access, users, and files vs. being in a flat public cloud. In order to do that, we use a suite of open source technologies, including Xen and OwnCloud, to build the experience and security for you.

Coupled with our practices and physical center configuration, we can provide high availability, high security file sharing capabilities for you, your clients, your staff, and contractors.

The process all starts when you sign-up for We then provision and configure your private cloud file sharing environment. Once that is available, we contact you and provide an overview of how you use the web based console to manage Folders, Projects, Groups, and Users to achieve the effect you need.

Using your instance of the private cloud is easy. Users are invited and they can a) access files using their credentials through the web interface and/or b) download and install a native client for their computer making file sharing as easy as drag and drop on the desktop and/or c) download and install a mobile client for their phone or tablet. Once the software is installed, the user signs in using their credentials. The software is intelligent enough to synchronize files for offline use (say while traveling on an airplane.)

Authentication and file transport happen over fully encrypted links, never exposing your information to unfriendly exposure even while surfing on public wifi at a cafe. Back in your private cloud, your files are compressed and encrypted on the local file system in your private cloud instance. Unless a user is authorized by your private cloud administrator with the proper credentials, there is no way to access these files.

In addition to being stored on a highly available and failure tolerant device, your files are backed up to physically separate location on a daily basis, fully encrypted and compressed. In the case one of our locations has a problem, this will allow for failover to the recovery site without your users even noticing something changed on the backend.

Sure, there are many ways to solve the secure file sharing problem, but provides the best of cloud computing and the security of a private data center approach for data access and management. Get your private cloud storage instance now.