Pricing for is super-simple, it’s $0.05/Gb/Month with a minimum charge of $10.

What is a Gb/Month you ask? We take the average size of your private cloud each day, add these together, and divide by the number of days in the month. This yields the number for the Gb/Month. If your number is less than 200Gb, you pay the minimum for the month. If your price is over 200Gb, you pay $0.05 times the Gb/Month number. For instance, if for January your number was 443Gb/Month, you’d pay $22.15 for the month. If your Gb/Month number was 187 in February, you’d pay the minimum of $10. If your Gb/Month number was 266 in March, you’d pay $13.30 for that month.

In our model, you pay for what you use, just like a public cloud. But you are able to keep control of your instance and assure privacy and compliance using our private cloud approach.

There are no contracts, it’s a month to month arrangement paid via credit card. Sign-up for your private cloud storage today.